Raising The Bar – How To Get Involved

 HOW TO BE AN RTB ADVOCATEIf you would like to see a restaurant or bar that you frequent start a recycling program, here are the steps to take.

  1. Print out and familiarize yourself with a copy of the Raising the Bar Project description*,
  2. When you approach the business,
    • Explain the project to them with the following main points,
      • It costs less to recycle
      • ECOMB works with all of the waste haulers on Miami beach
      • ECOMB will provide a training session for the staff
    • Find out if they handle their own waste account*, if so……
      • Ask them who their waste hauler is
      • Ask them if they wouldn’t mind setting up a meeting with their waste hauler and ECOMB to see how we can get the business recycling
  3. If the venue does not handle its own waste account, tell them that they have to contact their property manager/landlord in order make them aware of their interest in recycling.  After that, we can set up a meeting between them and their waste hauler.


Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar is a new, distinctive recycling initiative for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and lounges in the cities of Miami Beach and Miami. The program is an educational campaign that promotes the recycling of beverage containers, cardboard boxes, and any other recyclable paper or plastic associated with daily business operations in local establishments. By encouraging commercial recycling, both municipalities would reduce the amount of trash in landfills, reduce their carbon footprint, and help conserve our scarce natural resources.

Project/Program Description

Raising the Bar was the brainstorm of a University of Miami medical student, who is passionate about recycling. The initiative was originally launched through a small pilot project, which was phenomenally successful. ECOMB has now formally launched the program and is offering local establishments a chance to participate.

The main goal of the Raising the Bar project is to increase bar, restaurant and nightclub recycling rates in the cities of Miami Beach and Miami by educating venues’ owners and managers of the environmental, legal and financial benefits of recycling. For example, the pick up of recyclables costs less than that of regular waste. Also, the 20% franchise fee attached to regular waste pick up is not added to the pick up of recyclables in Miami Beach. Finally, there is a 1992 Miami-Dade County ordinance that requires all commercial establishments to recycle. This ordinance, however, is rarely enforced. The Raising the Bar project addresses all the issues mentioned above.

Participating establishments receive one free month of pick-up after the RTB program is initiated, this service is provided by our program partners, Waste Management, General Hauling, Choice Environmental and Waste Services of Florida, Inc. In addition to the one-month free pick-up of participant’s recyclables, ECOMB provides an on-site orientation for establishment staff and assists in the program’s implementation. The venues are then promoted on our RTB website where visitors can see how much they have been recycling based off the amount of bins picked up per month as well as the dollar amount they have saved since implementing recycling. This form of promotion will give people an opportunity to choose to drink, eat and socialize at places that are environmentally friendly.


ECOMB, Inc. • 210 Second Street • Miami Beach • Fl • 33139 • 305.534.3825
Chris Napoli, Program Coordinator: 786.879.5707 • [email protected]
Luiz Rodrigues, Executive Director: 786.853.1855 • [email protected]