Adopt a Beach Program


The Adopt-A-Beach program is not just about litter.  It’s about the need for clean oceans, shorelines, and waterways.  It is about residents working together to create permanent solutions to shoreline and marine debris.  Our oceans and waterways have been a dumping ground for man-made debris for thousands of years.  The harmful effects of litter are severe: negative economic and aesthetic impacts, harm and risk to human health and safety, injury and death to animals through entanglement and ingestion, and habitat destruction.

Additionally, the Adopt-A-Beach program fosters feelings of pride and ownership as local residents begin to care for “their” beach and it gives people of all ages the opportunity to learn about and actively participate in conserving coastal resources.

Sign up today to adopt a section of beach for a one-year period by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 305-534-3825

To learn more about the program please click on the links below and then submit your AGREEMENT & GUIDELINES FORM to ECOMB for approval along with the required $250 annual enrollment fee* for non-profits and $500 for corporations/local businesses made payable to the ECOMB, Inc. (please include “Adopt-a-Beach” in the Memo section). The check can be sent to 210 Second Street, Miami Beach Fl 33139. This fee covers all necessary clean-up supplies, beach signage, etc. In addition, your logo will be prominently displayed on the Adopt-A-Beach plaque at a beach entrance coinciding with your respective beach section, and on ECOMB’s Adopt-a-Beach sponsors website page.

Please note that supplies will be available no earlier than six weeks from the date your Agreement and Enrollment Fee are received and processed by the ECOMB.

Your adoption period will officially begin once your required Orientation at ECOMB’s office has been completed. Please, contact us to sign up for the upcoming Orientation. 


ECOMB will provide a free orientation to interested adopters as part of their first cleanup.  Once you sign up and send us your check, we will contact you to schedule the orientation at ECOMB’s office at 210 Second Street, Miami Beach.

Please help ECOMB raise awareness about the importance of keeping the beaches and ocean free of litter and to support the preservation of clean, safe, and healthy beach environment by signing up today!

*All checks should be made out to ECOMB, Inc.