Miami Beach Center for the Environment

Welcome to ECOMB’s New Headquarters and future home of the


On December 2009, after many years of negotiations with the City of Miami Beach, and with the full support of its staff, specially Mayor Matti Bower, City Manager Jorge Gonzalez, Assistant City Manager Hilda Fernandez, the City’s Asset Management Office staff, and all City Commissioners – Michael Gongora, Jerry Libbin, Jonah Wolfson, Deede Whithorn, Ed Tobin and Jorge Exposito, the City Commission voted unanimously to allow ECOMB to lease the 210 Second Street property, owned by the City, for an annual nominal amount, and turn it into our new headquarters and environmental education center.

In partnership with the City of Miami Beach and other local organizations and businesses, the Center’s goal will be to provide environmental programs and services to residents and visitors, in order to assist them in reducing their personal or business carbon footprint.  The Center plans to provide local nature interpretative displays, environmental classes and events, a green building and native landscaping showcase, a composting, organic gardening and rain barrel demonstration area, as well as a recycling drop‐off center for small electronics, batteries and CFLs.

The dedication of City resources to a new Miami Beach Center for the Environment stands out as a strong accomplishment in support of the environment and a sustainable future.

Property Background

The property consists of a small building on a 6,500 square foot lot.  The Miami Beach Center for the Environment will put an underutilized property into productive use for the education and enjoyment of all residents, visitors, and City employees.



Programs and Services

The establishment of the Miami Beach Center for the Environment proposes to provide the following programs and services to the City’s residents and visitors:

  • Recycling Facility. The property has sufficient lot space to host a recycling drop‐off station for Single Stream Recyclables and Batteries, CFLs and e‐Waste for local residents. ECOMB proposes to manage this facility in partnership with other recyclers and the City of Miami Beach- ALREADY IN PLACE.
  • Nature Interpretative Center. ECOMB believes that respect for the environment starts with appreciation of the environment.  ECOMB intends to dedicate part of the property to an interpretative center that will educate visitors and residents on our local habitats.
  • Green Building Showcase. ECOMB intends to restore the building using the latest in green technologies and is aiming towards a LEED Gold Certification.  These green upgrades can be used as a green building showcase and training facility for residents and City employees.
  • Environmental Programming and Events. The Miami Beach Center for the Environment will allow ECOMB to more effectively deliver its well-known and well-established evironmental programming and events.  ECOMB’s programming and events include beach, island and canal cleanups; environmental education seminars on energy and water conservation, waste reduction & recycling, composting, organic gardening; school and business presentations; and eco-sensitive awareness events.
  • Native Landscaping Demonstration Area. ECOMB plans to develop a native landscaping demonstration area around the building using only native plants and no exotic or invasive species.  Local residents can visit the property to see examples of native plants that they can plant on their own properties.
  • ECOMB Offices. A small portion of the building will be dedicated to the office space that is required to support programs and will consist of offices, a meeting room, a small gift/bookstore, and a demonstration / work room for kids/visitors.

Present Project Partners

  • City of Miami Beach: building
  • Electron Solar Energy: PV Panels and LED Lights
  • Alterna, Inc.: Sustainable Cabinetry and Flooring; Water Efficient Toilets and Urinals.
  • Ace Hardware South Beach: No VOC Paints, paint brushes and supplies, hardware,etc
  • eTronic eWaste: eWaste collection carts
  • EcoBatt: battery collection container
  • Smart at Bulbs: free collection of CFLs