Eco Art Gallery

An Adopt A Beach Litter Bin Campaign

Enhancing the beauty of our neighborhood!

The Adopt a Beach Litter Bin Campaign is an opportunity to involve all members of our community to work together towards a common benefit: A CLEAN BEACH. In participation with the City of Miami Beach, Miami Dade County, local business and non-profits, business stewards can demonstrate their stake in our neighborhood by contributing funds to make the beach more attractive … and cleaner.

Participation is highlighted by a custom canvas that wraps around the adopted beach litter bins and decorated by a business’s choice in artist (hundreds of designs are available on our website). Together, we are portraying the message that our beaches are important to us as we serve an invitation to those who visit Miami Beach.

In addition to beach-side presence of their brand, participating sponsors share credit for beach cleanup projects: sand-sifting, additional litter-picker teams, dune fencing replacement, and removal of exotic plants from our sand dunes.

Funds raised from this campaign is also used to fund educational initiatives,including flying highly visible aerial banners, distribution of biodegradable trash and cigarette bags, airing television and radio PSA’s, and more. The Eco Art Gallery By The Sea Project is a unique opportunity to make an immediate impact on our quality of life, the economic health of the community, and the environment.

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