Recycling Program

ECOMB’s  Recycling Program embraces a wide range of approaches, which seek to increase both residential and commercial recycling rates within the City of Miami Beach and other Miami-Dade County municipalities as well.

The program, carried out with the support of the City of Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, as well as local approved waste haulers (Waste Management, Waste Services Inc, Choice Environmental) and other local businesses, involves the following approaches:

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New City of Miami Beach 2013 Recycling Ordinance 




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Present Initiatives

  • Raising the Bar: Promoting bar and restaurant recycling through this innovative and creative project.
  • E-Waste, Rechargeable Battery and Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Drop-off Station: Installation of a collection bins’ program for Electronic Waste, CFLs and rechargeable batteries at ECOMB’s new headquarters: the Miami Beach Center for the Environment @ 210 Second Street, Miami Beach. This program has been implemented thanks to a partnership between the City of Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County , and local waste haulers.
  • Recycling Awareness Advertisement Campaigns: Initiation of educational campaigns in order to increase business and residential recycling rates. This program is carried out in partnership with local midia outlets, such as the SunPost, municipalities, Miami-Dade County, as well as with local waste haulers and concerned businesses.
  • Recycling Awareness Brochure: being presently produced by ECOMB and to be distributed to all Miami Beach residents by the City of Miami Beach. A partnership project with the Public Works Department.
  • Advocacy: promoting the enforcement of commercial and residential recycling through the Miami Beach Sustainability Committee; MB Chamber of Commerce Sustainable Living Council; Florida DEP; Miami-Dade County DERM
  • Community Recycling Drop-off Centers: secured the establishment of three Recycling Drop-off Stations (South Beach – ECOMB’s New Environmental Center @ 210 Second Street, Mid Beach (on the works), and North Beach @ 75th Street & Dickens Ave.) for residents and businesses who still do not have access to recycling in the community. This project was proposed by ECOMB at the Miami Beach’s Sustainability Committee in 2007.
  • Recycling Bins on Public Rights of Way: placement of recycling bins on streets of high resident and tourist traffic such as Lincoln Rd, Española Way, Ocean Drive, Collins Ave, Washington Ave, 41st Street, 71st Street, beach entrances, and parks. This project was proposed by ECOMB at the Miami Beach’s Sustainability Committee and implemented in 2008.

Future Initiatives and Proposals

  • Recycling Incentives to businesses and residents
  • Recycling Tax Credits
  • Recycle Bank Program
  • Transfer Enforcement of the Miami-Dade County 1992 Recycling Ordinance to the City of Miami Beach Public Works Dept.
  • Recycling Awareness Inserts in water/electrical bills
  • TV and Radio PSAs
  • Provide assistanceto businesses and multi-family units in order to make recycling more convenient to tenants.


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