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ECOMB and Royal Palm Tours of Miami share a deep appreciation of the unique natural environment that graces Southern Florida. In order to propagate this enthusiasm and commitment to its wellbeing, we conduct an exceptional series of tours highlighting our ecological treasures. Led by the experienced naturalist, Mr. Frank Schena, each excursion gives a different insight into local ecosystems, human impacts, and ongoing restoration efforts happening in Miami Beach. Join us for an exciting adventure!

Frank Schena: Your Naturalist | As a leading expert on local environmental issues, Urban Naturalist Frank W. Schena has for many years conducted tours highlighting the interactions between South Florida’s natural areas and its people. He has appeared on local television programs, spoken at various seminars, and been featured in publications concerning environmental history. Frank has designed and implemented programs for Museums, school and youth groups, clubs, and the general public. Come join me on an upbeat, lively tour of the marvelous Miami area!

About Royal Palm Tours of Miami | Royal Palm Tours of Miami offers walking tours of Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Key Biscayne. Most scheduled walking tours are approximately two to two and a half hours and are appropriate for all age groups. Presentations cover a wide variety of subjects, and are typically one hour, with ample time allowed for questions and discussion. Around South Florida coach tours are variable in length. Education programs are perfect for schools and youth groups. Other tours are possible with prior arrangement. For additional information please contact ECOMB’s office at: 305.534.3825 or email us at [email protected].

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Embark on a kayak trip across the clear blue waters of the bay to the fascinating Flagler Monument. Take a guided nature tour around the restored natural environments of the island and opt to snorkel along the sandy shoreline, within view of the cityscape of Miami Beach and Downtown.

BIRDING DAY AT PINETREE PARK  |  September 14  |  9-11 am | $20

Don’t forget to bring your binoculars on this morning walk. While checking out the mangroves, hammock and landscape trees, we’ll learn about the various birdlife that call Miami Beach home. Distinguish differences in plumage, behavior, and habitat preference of our local species. See ways you can make your own yard a haven for birds and other animal life.

NATURAL OASIS OF NORTH SHORE OPEN SPACE PARK  | September 28  |  10-12 noon | $20

Explore the maritime tropical hardwood hammock, sandy beach, and coastal strand vegetation of this beautifully preserved park. Learn about the terrestrial and aquatic wildlife that call this green space home and the importance of environmental preservation within our urban environment.

SOUTH POINTE AND THE SHORELINE ECO-WALK  |  October 5  |  10-12 noon | $20

Explore the endangered coastal strand vegetation, rock jetty, and the shoreline, getting an intimate look at the reef creatures, land animals and native plant life that are found locally. Catch a rare glimpse of the natural environment in South Beach before the land was developed. Learn about present efforts to preserve the region’s fragile ecosystems and how to create a sustainable landscape of your own.


Enjoy the lovely scenery, neon-accented buildings, and restored coastal dune ecosystem along the elevated boardwalk. See birds, reptiles and ocean creatures as well as the threatened flora of the shoreline. Discover the unique human struggles the early settlers faced on this once lonely shoreline.  Witness the area’s modern development, environmental challenges and today’s efforts to preserve the ecological balance.