Eco-Partnerships: Corporate Opportunities

Taking greater pride in your community!

Your Miami-Dade County business depends on clean beaches and a healthy environment … and ECOMB depends on your support to maintain them!

Why Volunteer?

ECOMB’s Eco-Volunteer Events and Eco-Sponsorships are opportunities to promote your business while supporting an effort to protect and preserve our environment for future generations.

ECOMB, as an environmental nonprofit organization, relies on donations, grants and sponsorships to fund educational programs and campaigns such as our Litter Prevention Program. Our campaigns aim to promote environmental sustainability and preserve the natural habitats of Miami-Dade County.

   Make a Difference Today!


ECOMB needs YOUR Help! 

So, here is your chance! Lets Work Together and Celebrate Together!


If you wish to learn more about ECOMB’s corporate events and how your business can get involved, please contact us at: or 305.534.3825