Curb Your Carbon Campaign

Eco-Logical Teams

This campaign, based on the SF Tides Foundation The Green Team Project (GTI), aims to implement neighborhood-based environmental teams, which encourages and teaches community members to adopt more environmentaly sustainable lifestyle practices: the Eco-Logical Teams Program.

“The Green Team Project (GTP) is a grassroots environmental non-profit project of the Tides Center (SF) whose focus is to empower and motivate people to make a difference environmentally through their own practices.

The GTP is dedicated to changing long-term consumption behavior, increasing environmental awareness and stewardship, creating a greater sense of community, improving the quality of life, and having fun.

Individuals and small businesses turn good intentions into concrete positive environmental action with the GTP. The average graduate of each program saves between 10-30% in each of the five resource areas: water, energy, solid waste, chemicals, and transportation, as well as a fair amount of money.

By using the group process with individuals and a comprehensive, non-judgmental approach for small businesses, participants have the support and motivation they need too follow through on conservation actions, learn new things, and adopt long-lasting environmental habits.”


To learn more about the Eco-Logical Teams Program,and about the formation of Miami Beach’s First Team, please click here.