Electron Solar Energy

Electron Solar Energy enters into Agreement to Partner with ECOMB to provide help in creating the Miami Beach Center for the Environment (MBCE) – ECOMB’s headquarters and environmental education center.

Electron Solar Energy has executed a Letter of Intent to partner with ECOMB to help create the MBCE. The Center’s goal will be to provide environmental programming and services to residents, businesses and visitors of the City of Miami Beach, and serve as ECOMB’s headquarters.  It will provide local nature interpretative displays, environmental programming and events, a green building and native landscaping showcase, a composting and rain barrel demonstration area, as well as a recycling drop-off center for small electronics, batteries and CFLs.

ECOMB was founded in 1994, as a Florida 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit corporation, by a few committed residents, Clifton Cloud, Lisa Liotta and Victor Varella. In 2001 Mr. Luiz Rodrigues, a Biological Oceanographer/Aquatic Biologist, native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  was elected as its new Executive Director. With a long history of building awareness, helping shape environmental policy for the City of Miami Beach and initiating a host of projects from coastal cleanups to recycling awareness campaigns, ECOMB has become one of  the leading environmental not-for-profits in Miami-Dade County.

“This is an important project for us.” Ken Fields Director of Marketing & PR for Electron Solar Energy: “One of the cornerstones to widespread and rapid adaptation of renewable technologies is the need for education. We are proud to support ECOMB in any way that we can, the organization has fantastic leadership and a proven track record of positive results.”

The Miami Beach Center for the Environment is scheduled to open in January 2010.