The Art of Cleaning

Newspaper: Green House: The Green Scene
Title: The Art of Cleaning
Author/Reporter: Megan Aquilina
Date: N/A

Article: Its agenda is to eliminate litter on our beaches, increase recycling, restore natural habitats and educate the community about living green The Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach (ECOMB), a non-profit volunteer-based corporation, is spearheading a new campaign to get our gorgeous sandy shoreline ship-shape. Last year, tax cuts threatened to eliminate our municipal beach clean-ups, but thanks to the protests of many local residents, among them the president of ECOMB, Luiz Rodrigues, clean-ups continued. In an effort to avoid such scenarios in the future, ECOMB has created the Adopt-a-Beach-Trashcan campaign. There are 204 trashcans on Miami Beach between South Pointe and 23rd Street. ECOMB has invited local businesses to adopt a can – $2,500 per year for one, or $5,000 a year for three. The work of artists will decorate each can, creating what will be known as the Eco Art Gallery by The Sea. Proceeds from this campaign will go to the local government to not only continue beach clean-ups but also to double the efforts. Funds will subsidize an additional clean-up crew, monthly sand-sifting and ECOMB for further environmental efforts.