Miami Beach’s Environmental Apathy

Newspaper: Miami Beach Real Estate News, Real Estate News (Blog Page)
Title: Miami Beach’s Environmental Apathy
Author/Reporter: /
Date: March 02, 2010

South Florida has made considerable inroads when it comes to recycling and being environmentally conscious.  In fact, Miami-Dade County passed an ordinance last year requiring that all buildings such as Miami Beach condos offer recycling services of some kind.  The problem is that many buildings are still ignoring the ordinance one year later and officials have done little to nothing to enforce it.

People are by no means keeping their mouths shut with the carelessness of some landlords.  Many residents of prominent Miami Beach condos like the Flamingo South Beach for example have complained to the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach but there has yet to be any kind of proper recycling program or provision.

Until someone decides to get serious about enforcement, the Environmental Coalition of Miami Beach is providing a workaround for residents of Miami Beach condos by setting up recycling drop-off facilities near residential buildings. Should the county be doing a better job of making sure that Miami Beach becomes more environmentally friendly?