Miami-Dade County – Recycling at Home or Place of Work


Did you know that a 1992 Miami-Dade County Ordinance requires all businesses and condo associations to RECYCLE in Dade County?

I – Multi-Family Residential Establishments (condos with 9 units or more)

Miami Dade County Recycling Ordinance No. 91-123 requires that all multi-family residential establishments with 9 units or more, must recycle. Property owners or condo associations are required by County Ordinance to hire, by means of a contract, a private hauler for their regular trash pick-up, recycling and bulk pick-up. The City of Miami Beach provides recycling toters – a 64 gal recycling bin – to all single-family homes and multi-family residential establishments with 8 or fewer units.

II – Commercial Establishments

Commercial recycling also became mandatory countywide in July of 1992.  The County Ordinance requires the following:

  • Owners of commercial establishments in Miami-Dade County must provide a recycling program for their employees and tenants, using the services of an authorized waste hauler or private recycling hauler.
  • The program must recycle three items from the following list of ten: high grade office paper, mixed paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, aluminum, steel, other scrap production metals, plastics, textiles, wood.



For Commercial Establishments or Condos with 9 units or more:

  1. Contact your property manager/owner, or your employer, and ask why recycling service is not being provided.
  2. State that “recycling is very important”, that you wish to recycle, and that you would like management to subscribe to the recycling services of a recycling hauler. It may contract the service from its present waste hauler or contract another recycling hauler. A monthly fee will apply and costs divided amongst all property owners / tenants.
  3. If management refuses to provide the service, which is against a 1992 Miami-Dade County law, provide him/her with a copy of the attached 1992 Recycling Ordinance. If your efforts do not work, send an email AND call: 
    • MD Solid Waste Enforcement Line – 311 or 305.514.6700 and state you would like to file a formal complaint against non-compliance with the 1992 Recycling Ordinance – IMPORTANT. Be ready to provide the property’s address, manager’s name, phone number and email address.
    • MD County Solid Waste Division @ [email protected] or 305-594-1500 (department responsible for   the enforcement of the recycling ordinance). Explain your efforts and ask for their intervention.

For Single-Family Homes or Condos with 8 units or less in Miami Beach:

  1. Contact the Miami Beach Public Works Department at 305.673.7080 to request your bins and establish recycling services.



For additional information, please call ECOMB @ 305.534.3825 or email us at [email protected]