1% For The Beach!







The 825 miles of sandy coastline fronting the Straits of Florida are one of Florida’s most valuable natural resources. Florida’s beaches’ are deserving of this status because they serve several important functions, each being vital to maintaining the health of Florida’s economy and its environment.

The beaches, coastline, and natural environment have attracted 14 million people to the state, 75% of which live within ten miles of the coast (State of the Coast Report, 1996). Florida’s beaches are an integral part of the state’s economy, attracting tourists from all parts of the US and around the world.  Beach tourism generates about $15 billion a year to the state’s economy (State of the Coast Report, 1996).  Additionally, the coastal sandy beach ecosystem is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals that are heavily dependent upon the maintenance of healthy beaches, dunes systems and near shore waters.

In order to preserve these resources, our economy, and our quality of life it is essential that our residents, businesses, and visitors become more aware of, and take more proactive and responsible actions to protect this beautiful and sensitive environment that is enjoyed by so many. And, it is based on these facts and needs, that the Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches was founded. 


The 1% for the Beaches initiative is an annual outreach campaign, which was designed to support ECOMB’s community’s sustainability mission during the annual Earth Day celebration throughout the month of April.

The1% for the Beaches  project is asking your business to make a monetary donation, which will be used to support current and future ECOMB initiatives. The requested donation is 1% of your revenue for an entire day, week, or month during the month of April.  

Your 1% contribution is a wonderful opportunity to display your support for sustainable and environmentally conscious efforts being made in your community. Furthermore, you will be able to see your 1% being put to work through numerous programs, events, and initiatives held throughout the year by ECOMB.


  • ECOMB is a Florida 501 (c) (3) non-governmental environmental organization, which means our budget is comprised of and depends upon: funding from grants, individual and group donations, sponsorships, fundraising events, and other similar revenue streams.
  • To continue providing programs focused on education, preservation, awareness, and engagement in support of efforts to ensure our beaches, waterways, sand dunes, and natural environment remains clean and vibrant for present and future generations.
  • In order to continue growing and engaging more volunteers and businesses like yours, who understand that future business viability depends on your present actions. 
  • Your financial contribution helps to associate not only positive marketing and branding for your business, but it also raises awareness of ECOMB’s purpose to more and more individuals, groups, and businesses.

The success of our local economy is directly related to clean and healthy beaches, waterways, Biscayne Bay and other local habitats!


  • Cleaner, more memorable beaches, translate into a better overall experience for your guests and customers.
  • Your logo or business name, placed on our soon to be created 1% for the Beaches web page.
  • Mention on press releases to local print, online, and social media outlets.
  • 1% for the Beaches plaque and sticker to let your clients know that your establishment supports a sustainable community.
  • Opportunity to make a significant contribution to the local “green” movement, something that more and more customers have come to expect from the businesses at which their money is spent.
  • Ability to showcase another way you are giving back to the local community, the community whose natural resources you depend on every day.

Simplicity, we are only requesting a 1% contribution in support of Earth Month, anything else you decide to do is entirely your decision.

For more information and to obtain an application form, please, contact Luiz Rodrigues or Maura Reilly at 305.534.3825 or send us an email to [email protected]