Litter Prevention

The Litter Prevention program consists on the implementation of a variety of strategies, which aim to reduce the amount of litter on coastal zones within the City of Miami Beach and surrounding areas.


  • Sponsored Community Clean-ups: Now, your businesses can help ECOMB carry out its mission and demonstrate your commitment to clean public areas in our community by sponsoring one or more annual cleanup events named after your company. This is an opportunity to not only promote your business, but also to provide your employees with an chance to team up in an effort to protect and preserve our environment for our future generations.
  • Shoreline Clean-up Events: Monthly community cleanup events of local beaches, waterways and Biscayne Bay islands. Annual Events: The Big Sweep; International Coastal Cleanup – Ocean Conservancy; Baynanza – Miami-Dade County Annual Biscayne Bay Cleanup. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT OUR UPCOMING EVENTS AND TO REGISTER.
  • Eco Art Gallery By The Sea: A campaign, which aims to raise funds towards increased beach cleanup efforts in the City of Miami Beach.
  • Adopt a Beach Program: A project in partnership with the City of Miami Beach
  • Keep Our Beaches Clean Aerial Banner Project: A City-wide campaign, which consists on flying aerial banners with litter prevention messages along the shoreline of Miami Beach.
  • Clean Beaches Campaign: A Countywide litter prevention educational campaign implemented in 2008.


  • Biodegradable Beach Trash Bags Dispensers: Installation of biodegradable litter bags dispensers at Miami Beach’s main beach entrances.
  • Beach Ashtray Project: Installation of re-usable beach ashtray dispensing systems at Miami Beach’s main beach entrances.
  • Eco Cabana: A traveling litter prevention educational beach tent.


  • Advocacy: ECOMB is constantly working with the City of Miami Beach Commissioners and City Staff on the implementation of innovative strategies to prevent littering and to enforce the existing beach litter ordinance.


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