Cinema Green


Bringing about environmental change and awareness in our community is one of ECOMB’s primary goals. And this is exactly what Cinema Green Project is all about: through the screening of environmental documentaries, educate and increase the awareness among Miami-Dade County residents about pressing ecological issues in South Florida and around the world.

The Cinema Green Project, produced in collaboration with the Miami Beach Cinematheque, is a monthly film series that fuses lessons learned from each screening with an opportunity to get involved in local sustainability efforts, yielding a more environmentally conscious society. In doing so, ECOMB hopes to inspire advocacy and action amongst the community and provide opportunities for positive change to occur.

About Cinematheque:

The Miami Beach Cinematheque, home to the Miami Beach Film Society and the Miami Beach International Film Festival, is now located at 1130 Washington Avenue. The new theater, which features stadium seating, high-def projection and Dolby digital sound, is the first certified “green” interior in Miami Beach and meets LEED standards for energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste reduction. In addition, the Cinematheque houses a gallery space, film museum, and café.

Other Partners

ECOMB has also worked with various other local site partners to present Cinema Green screenings, including the Miami Design Preservation League’s Deco Center, the Mitrani Warehouse, and the Miami Science Museum.


Screened films have included such notable and high profile documentaries as Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006), Food, Inc. (2008), No Impact Man (2009), and Climate Refugees (2010).

Future films will feature pertinent local and global issues relating to some of the following topics:

  • Sustainable energy
  • Water issues
  • Food production
  • Pollution control and prevention
  • Climate change
  • Alternative transportation
  • Human population, as well as other important topics of environmental concern.

Miami & the Beaches Environmental Film Festival

In 2011, ECOMB, in partnership with Cinematheque and the Society of Environmental Journalists, presented its first ever South Florida Environmental Film Festival as a continuation of our Cinema Green efforts to educate the community through film. Now going into its third year, the festival features screenings of cutting edge documentaries from around the world that focus on a variety of environmental issues. Check back soon for more info!