Working towards a sustainable future for our community!
Our Mission
ECOMB is a Florida 501 (c)3 not-for-profit volunteer-based corporation founded in 1994 in the City of Miami Beach. The organization is dedicated to educating Miami-Dade County’s residents and visitors to adopt responsible environmental behaviors and to raising their awareness to our surrounding ecosystems. ECOMB's mission is carried out through the development and implementation of various programs targeting the following objectives:

  • To reduce the amount of litter in County’s beaches, waterways, islands and Biscayne Bay;

  • To increase the County’s residential and business recycling rates;

  • To preserve and restore our sensitive ecosystems, such as the nearshore coral reefs, beach dunes, islands, mangroves, and Biscayne Bay waters;

  • To encourage community members to adopt new lifestyle practices that are more environmentally sustainable.

In order to address these and other environmental challenges the community faces each year, ECOMB strives to promote better interactions amongst residents, visitors, businesses and government agencies. ECOMB believes that, by educating and encouraging stakeholders to get involved and to act responsibly towards their environment, together we will improve our quality of life, save resources for our local government, live more sustainably and, thus, preserve our environment for generations to come.

By working closely and in partnership with both local and national nonprofits, corporations, local volunteer groups, schools and government agencies, ECOMB organizes various beaches, islands and canals cleanups, environmental educational seminars and eco-awareness events each year.


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